Are You Willing To Try These Cherry Blossom Nail Arts?

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Cherry blossom reminds everyone about the season of spring. The shape of the tree and the branches along with the flowers with its vibrant color makes everything completely relaxed and fresh. So why not give it a try for nail art? Have a look at these amazing cherry blossom nail arts to get on your nail on next spring.

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A cherry blossom nail art will have a common theme with a background of a light shade. It can be blue, white or any relevant color followed by the branches of the tree with flowers on them along with the leaves. You can match the color of the flower or the background with your clothing to give it a trendy look.

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To get a cherry blossom nail art, you will need the required color of nail polishes for the background, branches and the flowers. A top coat will make the nail art stay longer. If you are into rhinestones or glitters, you can try them on to make it a more glossy and sparkly one.

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You can create many varieties by having a background with a gradient color. To have this done, you will need a sponge, a piece of plastic and the required two or three colored nail polishes to have it as the background. You will need to match the color of the flowers with the background color to make it a perfect one.

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The most common color for the cherry blossom flower is pink. The flower blooms on sakura tree.  But you can also try red, orange, beige, golden or any other colors to make it matched with your apparel. The shape of the tree is the matter that will get the attention of everyone.

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To start with a simple cherry blossom nail art, you will need your nails to be cleaned and dried up. Then you have to apply the base coat of the required color. Let the base coat dried up completely. Next, you have to use a thin brush to draw the branches. You will need a black polish to draw the branches.

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You will need to draw the branches with a steady hand. Just have some simple lines which will be filled up with cherry blossom flowers. After the black polish gets dried, use a dotting tool to apply the required color of polishes to draw the flowers.

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Drawing the flowers can be done in two ways. You can just put very small dots of the same colors to represent the flower. You can also make a enlarged view of the flower by applying two different colors. In that case, the number of the flowers depends on your choice. You can have them in too many or less amount.

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If you want more flowers, you can put multiple dots in a small area to make it look congested. But if you want fewer flowers, you can just keep it simple by having few flowers on the end or side of the branches. You can adjust two different shades of colors for the flowers.

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After you finish the flower, you can add leaves if you want. You can also add rhinestones or glitters as an addition. At the end, having a top coat will help you to keep the nail art longer. In this way, you can get an amazing cherry blossom nail art. So which design did you like most for your next nail art?

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